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What 5 Steps Should You Never Neglect in a Design-Build Delivery Project?

Achieving a successful design-build project requires a collaborative environment that begins with the owner’s commitment to be the leader of internal preparations. Before initiating the procurement process or identifying the delivery method to be used, key decisions need to be made by the owner.

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WDBC’s Board of Directors welcomes Michael C. Loulakis, President of Captial Project Strategies, LLC, as an “At-Large Director”

A nationally-recognized expert on project delivery systems and author of several books on the subject, Michael has worked on some of the country’s most complex public sector design-build projects in the transportation and water/wastewater sectors. Some of his notable engagements include DC Water’s Clean River and Biosolids programs, the City of Houston’s Northeast Water Purification Plant Expansion Project, and Metropolitan Wastewater District’s Northeast Treatment Plant.

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How Do You Successfully Effectuate a Design-Build Project?

“How do you successfully effectuate a design-build project? Our city has done several design build construction projects which have resulted in delays, lawsuits, and other problems. Clearly, we are not doing something correctly!” Questions like this one show up in our inbox with increasing frequency. One reason for these situations may be when engineering and design firms, who are not part of the Water Design-Build Council, profess to performing design-build delivery, but do not follow “best practices.” The other is the owner’s knowledge levels about design-build delivery and its variables and the best practices to employ.

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A Collaborative-Delivery Method with Two Variations

One of the frequent questions occurring in the Water Design-Build Council’s education session is understanding how to apply the terms – prescriptive and performance – in a “fixed-price” design-build project. The “fixed-price” design-build delivery method enables owners to select a design-build firm for their water/wastewater infrastructure project that best fits the project budget, scope, and schedule requirements.

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Top Design-Build Insights from 2016

The Water Design-Build Council’s namesake is at the center of this week’s blog recap. Design-build is a delivery method in which an owner enters into a single contract with a design-builder to design, permit, construct, test, and commission a project.

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Top Construction Management at-Risk Insights from 2016

This week’s blog recap focuses on construction management at-risk. If you’re not familiar with this collaborative delivery method, or afraid that it might not work for your projects, take some time to explore these blogs, as well as others on the WDBC website, and see for yourself how this delivery method can be to your benefit.

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Top Collaborative Project Delivery Insights from 2016

Achieving a successful collaborative project for the water and wastewater infrastructure – for both owners and industry members, is the underlying value of the Water Design-Build Council. The collaboration component is accomplished when the various parties – the owners, design engineers, project managers, operations and maintenance and construction firms all work together as a unified team to build or upgrade the identified water or wastewater project. Are there risks involved? Of course, there are – and it is through the collaborative process between the owners and design-build firm that these risks are equitably allocated.  More importantly, are there resources available to help you as an owner or industry member to navigate the process? Indeed, there are.

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Interview: Insights for Industry Organizations Pursuing a Design-Build Project

An interview with Ryan Adler of Crossland Heavy Contractors. Is your firm organized and prepared internally to pursue the next design-build project advertised?

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Design-Build Project Delivery Gains Momentum as More Water Utilities Make the Switch

The federal government estimates that more than $384 billion in capital investment is needed by 2030 to maintain the nation’s drinking water infrastructure. Publicly owned wastewater utilities need about $270 billion during the same period.

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Managing Risks in Design-Build Delivery

  Findings in the research study of “Lessons Learned from Owners Using Design-Build Project Delivery” emphasizes that the key to successful design-build projects is an active and continuous collaboration between and owner and the selected project team.

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