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How Treatability Testing and an Integrated Advanced Oxidation Treatment System Optimized Delivery Speed for a Water Treatment Plant Experiencing Harmful Algal Blooms

  In June of 2013, utility managers at the Anderson Regional Joint Water System (ARJWS) in Anderson, South Carolina, began experiencing intermittent taste and odor impacts to their finished potable water. This led to customer complaints and public relations challenges for the utility. The problems were due to the increasing occurrence of algal blooms in their source water body, Lake Hartwell.

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5 Key Factors for a Successful Water Infrastructure Public-Private Partnership Procurement

A public-private partnership (P3) with project financing is formed when a public-sector entity, such as a municipal water utility or state department of transportation, enters into an agreement with a private-sector entity for the design, construction, finance, long-term operation and maintenance of a project. A P3 project allows for greater private-sector participation in the delivery, financing, and operations of public water infrastructure projects.

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What Are the Financial Trends of Municipalities in Funding Water and Sewer Projects?

A featured topic of discussion at the recent August ACEC Environment & Energy Committee meeting was Identifying Financial Trends from federal, state, and private/public partnership (P3) sources. Committee members sought to gain insight and perspective from other groups and organizations also in attendance (Council of Mayors, WDBC, engineering and financial firms).

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Smart Partnerships Involve Equipment Suppliers in an Evolving Water Design-Build Industry

Equipment vendors and technology suppliers are quickly becoming important players in collaborative delivery for the water industry. As technologies become more advanced, equipment suppliers offer a wide portfolio of state-of-the-art solutions with respect to operations, service impacts, and long-term performance.

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What’s So “Progressive” about Progressive Design-Build

It’s political season and the news is filled with commentary on liberals and conservatives and… progressives. So what exactly is so progressive about progressive design-build? Well, it’s no surprise, but the label for this valuable delivery method doesn’t have any political meaning! Instead, it’s all about evolving the design-build process to meet the needs of owners that could not use – or preferred not to use – fixed price design-build:

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We Can’t Afford to Be Reactive About Water and Wastewater Issues

Why does it take a crisis or public outrage to motivate policy officials to take action on water and wastewater issues? In 2016, the water quality and compliance issues impacting the public’s health and environment – with the crisis in Flint, Michigan, serving as a prime example – should not be happening.

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A Positive Future for Design-Build Delivery: A Black & Veatch Report

The outlook for progress in the water infrastructure industry looks very bright; and Black & Veatch’s 2015 Strategic Directions Report further confirms that collaborative delivery models such as design-build and construction management-at-risk are at the forefront of making it become a reality.

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What’s the Value of Water?

Our esteemed colleagues at the Value of Water Coalition just unveiled a new educational campaign and toolkit: What’s the Value of Water? The campaign hopes to bring recognition to water, one of the world’s most precious, yet often taken for granted, resources. We at Water Design-Build Council also support these efforts to raise awareness of the importance of this valuable resource, by continuing to push for legislation and/or funding to replace and improve the infrastructure. Yet, still, water and its infrastructure are critically undervalued. Help the Value of Water Coalition accomplish this mission by sharing their new What’s the Value of Water? toolkit, available for free to any organization that strives to raise awareness about the importance of investing in water, the water infrastructure, and its water resources.

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Progressive Design-Build Delivery Retrofits a Water Treatment Plant

In 2013, the city of Venice, Florida, needed to retrofit its existing reverse osmosis (RO) 4.4-mgd water treatment plant with new RO membrane skids that could meet the existing total dissolved solids (TDS) and flow conditions. To accomplish this task, the plant also needed to have the flexibility to decrease well withdrawals by second stage treatment and increase capacity without increasing well withdrawals through increased recovery.

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Repairing Our Nation’s Water Infrastructure: Dramatic Efforts Needed

The dramatic need for repairing and replacing the nation’s water infrastructure was spotlighted last week across the U.S. by numerous organizations. But, this is not the first time, nor will it be the last!

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