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Price and Schedule Aren’t the Owner’s Top Drivers Anymore When Choosing Collaborative Delivery

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The Water Design-Build Council is at it again…collecting data and doing research. The latest efforts are being finalized for public release shortly. In the meantime, I’d like to share some preliminary results that I find interesting. The Council interviewed dozens of owners across the country and asked a variety of questions. My favorite was, “What is driving or influencing project procurement decisions in the context of collaborative delivery?” It appears that price and schedule are not the owner’s most important concerns as they once were.

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Landmark Research Study Documents a Dramatic Increase in the Future Use of Design-Build Delivery for Water Infrastructure Projects – and Why It Is Preferred by Owners

The future for the use of design-build delivery methods for the water and wastewater infrastructure is a positive one – and one that will continue to grow through the years – likely at a minimum of 10%. The core factors driving the increased use of design-build are cost, risk, and schedule, resulting in increasing numbers and volume of design-build water and wastewater projects in utilities’ capital programs.

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Urban Sustainability Director’s Network and CH2M Hill

An EcoDistrict is a neighborhood or district with a broad commitment to accelerate neighborhood-scale sustainability. EcoDistricts commit to achieving ambitious sustainability performance goals, guiding district investments and community action, and tracking the results over time – this isn’t the first time I have mentioned this.

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New Data on Biogas Production at U.S. Wastewater Treatment Plants

Today, the North East Biosolids and Residuals Association (NEBRA) unveiled a new website that provides updated data on anaerobic digestion and biogas production at wastewater treatment facilities across the United States. The website,, provides policymakers, market analysts, project developers, and water quality professionals with key information about the potential for biogas production as a renewable fuel. Biogas can be used in place of natural gas in boilers and engines to produce heat and electricity.

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From Tom McMonagle, 2012 Water Design-Build Council President

We are continually hearing in the various media reports that the priorities of most cities and agencies within North America are infrastructure improvements – with water and wastewater ranking as high. Our member companies are also reporting that greater use of design-build and CMAR project delivery methods are also occurring. And we also find that these are very valid reasons for the increase in the use of design-build and CMAR as preferred project delivery methods.

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