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When A Collaborative-Delivery Firm Establishes a Price, It Is a Binding Number

A savvy design-builder once said you should avoid giving a price for a project with an undefined scope of work. The critical success factors that all design-builders consider are a well-defined scope of work, manageable schedule, fair allocation of risks, and strong collaborative relationship between the owners and the design-build team.

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Procurement Best Practices for Collaborative-Delivery Projects

Collaborative-delivery methods such as design-build and construction management-at-risk can provide superior project results. This is especially true when owners apply design-build and construction management-at-risk procurement, contracting and execution best practices that provide opportunities for innovation without unnecessarily constraining creative cost, time and quality solutions. This blog will focus on procurement best practices.

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What is the Best Way to Procure a Design-Build Project?

An owner’s choice of delivery method and procurement approach invariably influences the level of success of a project’s outcome. To be successful, owners should perform a comprehensive assessment of project requirements to establish a clear understanding of its objectives, expectations, capabilities, and priorities. Individually or together, these attributes guide selection of the most appropriate project delivery method. The selected project delivery method, in turn, affects the duration, complexity and cost of procurement.

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