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Best Practices for Accelerating a Design-Build Project Schedule

Compared to the traditional design-bid-build method, design-build delivery can accelerate design and construction schedules by 20% to 30%. Many cities and counties have implemented new fast-tracked permitting review processes to reduce the turnaround time for issuing permits, which are critical to maintaining the construction schedule.

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Allowances Versus Contingencies: What’s the Difference?

Allowances and contingencies are often confused with one another, but understanding their differences is crucial to successfully executing project contracts.

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Can Collaborative Delivery Be Good for Allocating Risk?

For any business or organization (public or private) to be successful, risks must be proactively evaluated and addressed with mitigation plans. Risks, by their very nature, can sometimes produce undesirable consequences. This is especially true in construction where slim margins dictate risk identification and mitigation plans are used to protect those slim margins and enable businesses to be profitable. In public organizations, the public’s money needs to be responsibly spent and part of that responsibility is properly managing and allocating risks.

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