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Industry Perspective: The Value In Early Input from Operators and Equipment Suppliers in a Design-Build Project

  For almost two decades now, I have been fortunate to work in various aspects of the water industry. Most of this time has been spent supplying equipment and solutions to a wide variety of users, from a paper mill in Maine, to a distillery in Scotland, and a drinking water plant in Chicago. Over the years, I’ve also observed that the role of an equipment supplier within a water project has evolved to a number of different forms. In its most basic role, the equipment supplier provided a tightly specified piece of equipment whose success ultimately was based on, “How much does it cost?”

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Topics: Collaborative Delivery, Equipment/Technology Suppliers, Evoqua.

Smart Partnerships Involve Equipment Suppliers in an Evolving Water Design-Build Industry

Equipment vendors and technology suppliers are quickly becoming important players in collaborative delivery for the water industry. As technologies become more advanced, equipment suppliers offer a wide portfolio of state-of-the-art solutions with respect to operations, service impacts, and long-term performance.

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Topics: Collaborative Delivery, Design-Build, Evoqua, Water Infrastructure/Treatment.