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Remember the Yugo!1

Remember the Yugo? Wikipedia reminds us that you could buy one of these imported cars brand new for $3,990 in 1987.2 That’s about $9,1003 in 2020 dollars — about a third less than the least expensive new car that you can actually buy today (which, according to Automobile Magazine, is a 2020 Chevrolet Spark LS for $14,395,4 if you happen to be in the market). A thirty-plus percent discount isn’t bad for a brand new car — it sounds like a great deal! Wouldn’t it be great if local governments and utilities paid as much attention to the competitive market? Wouldn’t ratepayers benefit from responsible budget management, competitive pricing, and efficiency?

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‘Quick Start’ Procurement Accelerates Project Delivery

With an ever-growing list of urgent water and wastewater infrastructure projects, the industry’s demand for expedited project delivery has increased, and project procurement is often overlooked as a way to get your job started—and finished— faster. Early collaboration enables ‘Quick Start’ procurement that contributes to achieving an owner’s schedule and cost commitment, with both the owner and design-builder reaping benefits.

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Design-Build Delivery Achieves Chronic Grit Accumulation Relief at Georgia’s Largest Wastewater Facility

To solve a chronic grit-removal issue plaguing the 240 MGD RM Clayton Water Reclamation Center (WRC), Georgia’s largest wastewater treatment plant, the City of Atlanta Department of Watershed Management (City) required urgent upgrades to the headworks facility involving complete replacement of coarse screening and grit removal systems and installation of new influent flow-monitoring equipment.

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What’s Open-Book Pricing All About – How Does it Really Work?

(Excerpted from the Water and Wastewater Design-Build Handbook, 4th edition, and Education Program) Several of our industry’s best collaborative-delivery methods—particularly CMAR and progressive design-build—rely on an open-book process for developing cost and pricing during preconstruction. This process is used to achieve agreement on cost and then a price for the construction effort to proceed. In turn, the price is typically implemented either as a guaranteed maximum price (GMP) or a fixed-price contract provision.

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Landmark Research Study Documents a Dramatic Increase in the Future Use of Design-Build Delivery for Water Infrastructure Projects – and Why It Is Preferred by Owners

The future for the use of design-build delivery methods for the water and wastewater infrastructure is a positive one – and one that will continue to grow through the years – likely at a minimum of 10%. The core factors driving the increased use of design-build are cost, risk, and schedule, resulting in increasing numbers and volume of design-build water and wastewater projects in utilities’ capital programs.

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Smart Utilities Designed and Delivered Smartly

If the process control system is the nerve center of a water or wastewater treatment plant, the electrical system is the heart. To keep a treatment plant’s core mission a priority, process control system and electrical services engineers and integrators must cooperate as system infrastructure is installed, upgraded, or replaced. This demand for a higher level of collaboration and integration is compelling utilities to select design-build project delivery.

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Design-Build and Moore’s Law

If you’re using a computer to read this, you’ve probably heard of Moore’s Law. It’s the 1965 hypothesis by the co-founder of Intel, Gordon Moore, that computing power doubles every year or two. History has shown this projection to be largely accurate and the impact on our society has been profound. What does Moore’s Law have to do with design-build, which is, after all, all about bricks and mortar?

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Successful Collaborative Project Delivery in Atlanta

A Technological Overhaul Improves a Wastewater Treatment Plant’s Efficiency for Years to Come Industry experts say collaborative project delivery methods are enabling utilities to pivot more quickly throughout the design and construction process and adopt solutions specific to their needs. Case in point: Atlanta’s wastewater treatment plant, which needed to fix a chronic grit-removal problem. A design review discovered that the proposed approach could be problematic. During early collaboration with stakeholders, though, something critical happened: City officials realized the value of a more robust and reliable solution to meet their operational demands. Read on to learn more about how innovative design build is cooperative, progressive and effective.

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Use Lego for Your Next DB, PDB or CMAR Project

The collaborative delivery acronym soup is daunting: CMAR, GCCM, CMGC, PDB, FPDB, DBO, DBOF, DBFOMR, P3, PPP…well, you get the picture – string a few letters together and there’s a delivery model to match! This extreme fragmentation and segmentation is often a critical challenge for owners in the current collaborative delivery world. So, how do you figure out what’s best for your next project?

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Design-Build Project Delivery Gains Momentum as More Water Utilities Make the Switch

The federal government estimates that more than $384 billion in capital investment is needed by 2030 to maintain the nation’s drinking water infrastructure. Publicly owned wastewater utilities need about $270 billion during the same period.

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