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Remember the Yugo!1

Remember the Yugo? Wikipedia reminds us that you could buy one of these imported cars brand new for $3,990 in 1987.2 That’s about $9,1003 in 2020 dollars — about a third less than the least expensive new car that you can actually buy today (which, according to Automobile Magazine, is a 2020 Chevrolet Spark LS for $14,395,4 if you happen to be in the market). A thirty-plus percent discount isn’t bad for a brand new car — it sounds like a great deal! Wouldn’t it be great if local governments and utilities paid as much attention to the competitive market? Wouldn’t ratepayers benefit from responsible budget management, competitive pricing, and efficiency?

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Best Practices for Owners Making Collaborative-Delivery and Procurement Decisions

Last month in working with a client to prepare for a collaborative-delivery project, they asked some interesting questions about how they can achieve a successful project with more certainty and predictability. This was not the first time this topic has been raised. Others have also expressed a desire for guidance. The good news is that across the board we are definitely seeing a significant increase in successful client/contractor experiences that result from working in a collaborative and transparent environment. The guidance provided below is part of the discussion that occurred on actions needed to achieve a successful project.

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Why Do Design-Build Projects Go Wrong?

There are a lot of lessons to be learned from projects that go smoothly and according to plan and budget. But what about those projects that don’t go so well? The lessons gleaned from budget mishaps, contract issues, and first-time design-build experiences can be just as valuable. While not easily covered in 700 words or less, let’s look at a few of the reasons we have seen DB projects go wrong.

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Key Factors for a Successful Construction Management at-Risk (CMAR) Project: A Contractor’s Perspective

Rice Lake Construction Group, in conjunction with AE2S Engineering and the City of Watford City, successfully completed the first construction management at-risk delivery of a municipal wastewater treatment facility project in North Dakota. Below are a few items that made the project a success and a few that could have made the process better.

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Collaborative Delivery: Project Implementation Best Practices

Best practices for collaborative delivery project implementation are based upon relationships with a foundation of respect, openness and integration. Team members working to implement collaborative delivery projects should understand that success relies on the ability of each team member to work cooperatively and to trust one another. A collaborative approach focuses on defined project drivers, not individual accolades.

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Collaborative Delivery: Contracts And Contracting Best Practices

This is the second in a series of three blogs about employing best practices in collaborative delivery methods such as design-build and construction management at-risk (CMAR). When faithfully applied, these best practices provide superior project results. Today’s blog will focus on contracts and contracting best practices.

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Procurement Best Practices for Collaborative-Delivery Projects

Collaborative-delivery methods such as design-build and construction management-at-risk can provide superior project results. This is especially true when owners apply design-build and construction management-at-risk procurement, contracting and execution best practices that provide opportunities for innovation without unnecessarily constraining creative cost, time and quality solutions. This blog will focus on procurement best practices.

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Design-Build-Operate: Recommended Best Practices

Design-build-operate (DBO) offers an important expansion of the design-build (DB) project-delivery method for the water and waste-water industry. DBO comprises all of the components of DB — including design, permitting, procurement, construction, and testing — and also includes operation and maintenance (O&M) of the completed facility. Thus, the delivery of the project and services provided to the owner do not end at final acceptance; services continue through a defined operational term.

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Recommended Best Practices: Preparing for a Water Design-Build Project

These “Recommended Guidelines for Best Practices,” produced by the Water Design-Build Council, summarize the directions provided in the 3rd Edition of the Municipal Water and Wastewater Design-Build Handbook.

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