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Design-Build Construction During a Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused worldwide chaos, economic devastation, human loss, and widespread suffering for millions of people around the world. In spite of these challenges, progress must continue on design-build projects. This is especially important for critical infrastructure such as water/wastewater systems, transportation networks, and building construction. Managing design-build projects during a pandemic presents unique challenges and valuable lessons have been learned in the past few months of the “new normal.”

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Communication Leads to Shared Success in a Design-Build-Operate (DBO) Partnership

A standard design-build-operate (DBO) partnership in the water and wastewater market may include an operations company, a lead design engineering firm, and a contractor to complete the construction phase. Depending on the contractual arrangement, each organization is typically contractually bound to one another through the completion of the construction elements of the project, and in some cases this relationship extends into the steady-state, long-term operations and maintenance period. Given the complexity of these projects, the question arises: How does each company succeed in a DBO partnership? Is there an overarching goal that will share success between the companies equally, or is everyone trying to achieve success for themselves?

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What is the Importance of Well-Defined Acceptance Standards on Treatment Plant Design-Build Projects?

Two of the most important elements of a treatment plant design-build project are the performance and acceptance standards associated with the start-up and commissioning of the treatment plant. Performance standards can be defined as the standards the plant needs to meet in order to operate in compliance with applicable permits over a range of typical operating conditions. Acceptance standards can be defined as the standards the design-builder must meet in order to satisfy the contractual requirements of the design-build agreement with the owner. Ideally, the performance and acceptance standards should be closely aligned. Problems can arise when contractual acceptance standards are overly conservative in relation to the normal performance standards of the facility.

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Harnessing the Power of Collaboration on Progressive Design-Build Projects

Due to the complex nature of water projects, it is important to develop a project framework that allows flexibility and close collaboration between the owner and the project team. Progressive design-build lends itself particularly well to collaboration. In particular, using early design workshops that involve the design-build team, the owner, plant operators, and other stakeholders is a best practice that can pay dividends to the overall project.

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How Much Risk Should an Owner Transfer to a DB Firm on Their Project? 

One of the benefits of collaborative project delivery is that it allows owners to transfer risks to the design-builder that they would normally have to retain in a standard design-bid-build project delivery framework; however, owners should resist the temptation to divest themselves of all project risk and transfer everything to the design-builder. Rather, owners should carefully weigh the cost/benefit of risk transference and develop a project risk allocation strategy.

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Project Spotlight: Carroll County, Maryland, Water Treatment Plant

In Maryland, the Carroll County Bureau of Utilities needed a 4-mgd expansion added onto their existing 3-mgd water treatment plant in order to adequately serve the county’s 31,000 residents. The bureau also needed to design and construct a new 24-inch water transmission main, as well ancillary equipment, structures and facilities.

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AECOM Joint Venture Awarded $285.8M Contract by Thames Water

A joint venture involving Water Design-Build Council member AECOM Technology Corporation has been awarded a US$285.8-million contract by Thames Water to rebuild Deephams Sewage Treatment Works, one of London’s largest sewage works facilities.

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Project Spotlight: Davie Water & Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrades

The members of the Water Design-Build Council are at the forefront of the design-build industry and their projects reprepesent some of the most forward thinking and innovative efforts in the water and wastewater sector. As part of our efforts to provide information on design-build best practices, we’re sharing select case studies of member design-build projects with you in our “Project Spotlight” series. This week, learn how AECOM used a two-phase progressive design-build project delivery model to upgrade the water and wastewater treatment plants in the town of Davie, Florida.

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Aging US Water Infrastructure: The Role of the Private Sector

Water Design-Build Council member AECOM Technology Corporation, a leading provider of professional technical and management support services for public and private clients in more than 140 countries around the world, recently announced that it has published a white paper titled, “Fostering a Larger Private-Sector Role in United States Infrastructure.”

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